Bridget Cordory

Portrait of Bridget Cordory


I first experienced batik when living in Cambodia; although Cambodia does not practice batik, a holiday in Malaysia lead to participating in workshops, learning the joy of watching the dyes spread across the cloth and the wax forming barriers. The conditions in the workshops certainly would not meet our health and safety regulations and for years I used fixing chemicals which have long been banned in the west !

Returning to the UK and setting up home in beautiful North Devon as enabled my practice to develop, with the assistance of a few workshops from experts. I am inspired by the oranges and greens of Cambodia and the Buddhist culture, also by the bird life and coast scenery of my new home. I take photographs of the wildlife and countryside which are used as references. Then working mainly on fine cotton using traditional cantings and a mixture of waxes the picture develops colour with proton dyes or natural dyes such as indigo. I also practise dyeing in the shibori technique using indigo and plan to explore mixing shibori and batik techniques. It’s all about the resist.

I studied Art in the Community at the University of the West of England and have a passion for sharing my art skills with community groups.

I exhibit locally and run workshops from my studio.

Please visit my website for details of workshops and how to purchase my art.







Artworks by Bridget
Image entitled All at Sea
All at Sea
Image entitled Clovelly Harbour
Clovelly Harbour
Image entitled Every Which Way
Every Which Way
Image entitled Time for Lunch
Time for Lunch
Image entitled Wading Avocets
Wading Avocets
Image entitled Buddha Heads
Buddha Heads
Image entitled Walking to Pagoda
Walking to Pagoda

Photo of Bridget Cordory
Bridget is a Batik Guild member
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