Heather Gatt

Portrait of Heather Gatt

I use techniques of wax resist as a fine art medium and, although I’ve been making batiks for most of my life, the intriguing process of wax-resist continues to fascinate me. There is always more to explore. Using the finest primissima cotton from Java and a palette of the most lightfast fibre-reactive dyes, I construct my batik paintings in many layers, working light to dark.

Batik is an expressive medium. Sometimes I stand up as I work, applying molten wax in broad sweeps with a wide fan brush. Other times I may discover profound relaxation in sitting close and carefully placing hundreds of tiny wax dots with a canting (wax pen) in a process that is a meditation.

The influence of light on water and land is my inspiration - the way that light can transform and dramatise. I use the batik process in order to explore my curiosity concerning light/liquid/solid and their interaction.

My studio is at Green Lane Centre, just across the fields from Whitby Abbey and the fragile and ever-changing North Yorkshire coastline often features in my batik paintings.

Artworks by Heather
Image entitled Sunset Surfer, Saltburn
Sunset Surfer, Saltburn
Image entitled Stormy Sunset, Saltburn
Stormy Sunset, Saltburn
Image entitled Bay of Peace
Bay of Peace
Image entitled Early Spring Trees, Danby
Early Spring Trees, Danby
Image entitled Sand Patterns, Sandsend
Sand Patterns, Sandsend
Image entitled Evening, Whitby Harbour
Evening, Whitby Harbour
Image entitled Bright Morning Beach
Bright Morning Beach

Photo of Heather Gatt
Heather is a Batik Guild member
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