Helen Hyde

Portrait of Helen Hyde

I live in Bath, England and create art from my studio at home. My surroundings are important to me and I am incredibly fortunate to be encircled by woods, fields and beautiful views. Alongside my creative endeavours as a visual artist, I am a specialist dyslexia teacher.

Since childhood I have always loved playing with paints and textiles and I seek to explore new techniques, not to be daunted by the blank canvas or have creativity crippled by insisting on perfection, but to continue to play.

I experiment with waxes, watercolour paint, dyes and heat on paper and material to create variations in the colours and textures. I find that on material the wax saturates the surface and an incandescent effect materialises, reminiscent of a stained glass window. On paper it creates lustre. I am particularly drawn to the luminous effects that can be achieved through batik and I want to extend this process by incorporating glass and enamel sections into my batiks, something I am currently playing with! I also include stitching and painting or drawing on to the fixed dyed piece.

I am inspired by shifting light, colour, shapes and patterns; light filtering through leaves; the surface and detail of rock pools, stones, lichen; antique textiles - functional but treasured possessions crafted by skilled artisans, which influence my work because of their colours, patterns, symbols and decorative simplicity.

Many of my images include circles. For me they represent eternity and God's act of Creation. Circles are natural, we see them everywhere, the sun, moon, stars, planet earth. Somehow the shape of a circle draws the viewer into whatever symbolic message the centre may hold.

One of my objectives is to create meaningful art that causes people to pause from their everyday busy lives and contemplate more than materialism; to appreciate the beauty of nature. My desire is to continue to create large installation pieces that are placed in public spaces, in order to transcend and transport people somewhere calm and sacred, if only for a moment.

My work has been used in a variety of venues, including a prison, various churches, a local village passion play and a healing centre.

Please get in touch if you would like to buy a piece, commission a new work or arrange to borrow an existing work you see on my website.

Artworks by Helen
Image entitled Creation
Image entitled Weeping Detail
Weeping Detail
Image entitled Abstract 2
Abstract 2
Image entitled Abstract 9
Abstract 9
Image entitled Circles 32
Circles 32
Image entitled Fountain
Image entitled Passion Play
Passion Play
Image entitled Wall Hanging
Wall Hanging
Photo of Helen Hyde
Helen is a Batik Guild member
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