Hou-Ching Huang

Taiwan’s artist - Ko Chuan Huang (K.C. Huang) specialized in Batik, oil painting, mixed media, watercolor painting and ink wash painting. Huang’s artworks were selected for numerous solo exhibitions and international joint exhibitions e.g. Biennial de São Paulo in Brazil, which is one of the world’s top 3 art exhibitions.

In the 1950's, Huang had been invited many times to participate in international art exhibitions. Huang discovered that the West had a special liking for the Eastern flavor of batik. Huang decided to revive the ancient Chinese batik craft.

The essence of beauty of batik is the presentation of "Ice-crack."

Traditional batik techniques are very complicated. It needs to be dyed with boiled dyes and is hard to show Ice-crack. To this end, Huang painstakingly make improvements and come up with a revolutionary and unique technique of " Ice-crack Batik Painting." This would show wonderful "Ice-crack" and embody the beauty of, as well as breathe a new life in, batik. In selecting topics and in the construction, the painter would no longer be bound by traditional geometric or simple patterns. Huang can rely on our own thinking and artistic skills to freely create, thus raising artistic value of batik.

Huang creates works featuring patterns akin to cracks in the ice, full of multifarious and stereoscopic sense, tempting one to touch them.

In particular, Huang’s works combined Ice-crack and objects to produce textures such as trunk texture, water flowing texture, mountain texture, exterior wall texture.

Huang elevating traditional handicraft batik into modern art forms while infusing it with new life.

In order for people of the world to understand the beauty of "Taiwanese Ice-crack Batik Painting", Huang has taught in classes at various overseas and domestic places. Huang has also been invited to demonstrate and exhibit the technique in Korea, Malaysia, the U.S., Canada, etc. Huang spent 35 years passing on his knowledge and undertook promotional work in Taiwan and overseas.


Artworks by Hou-Ching
Image entitled Journey to Galaxy
Journey to Galaxy
Image entitled Brilliant Flowers
Brilliant Flowers
Image entitled Dolphins
Image entitled Green Forest Scenery
Green Forest Scenery
Image entitled High Buildings Rise from the Ground
High Buildings Rise from the Ground
Image entitled Nostalgic Emotion
Nostalgic Emotion
Image entitled Peaks Compete Beauty
Peaks Compete Beauty
Image entitled Sun Flowers
Sun Flowers
Hou-Ching is a Batik Guild member
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