Jude Flaherty

Portrait of Jude Flaherty

Flaherty Batiks is a wife and husband partnership; Jude and James. It started on facebook in 2016 as a way for Jude to share her work with other batik artists across the world.
Jude studied Art and Design at Central School of Art (now part of University of the Arts London); Falmouth School of Art (Falmouth University); and Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication (Ravernsbourne University, London). After a career in design and new media, illness struck and Jude moved from London to Wales in 2008. There, she met James and in 2014 they married.
James has lived in South Wales for most of his life and grew up exploring the mountains of his home nation. James’ passion is the outdoors and he currently works as an outdoor adventure instructor in the beautiful waterfall region of the Brecon Beacons. With his intimate knowledge of the countryside of Wales, and love of photography, James provides Jude with access to some of the most beautiful vistas and visual delights around, his photos are inspirational and his overall management of all things logistical without frowning is wonderful.
‘As a Batik artist, I try to use this wonderful medium to create colourful, uplifting images which not only push the wax-resist method to new limits, but uses my formal art training (many years ago) to promote the medium within the world of formal art.
We sell posters, cards and high quality prints of our work as well as a few original pieces at our web site: www.flahertybatiks.artweb.com
or stay up to date with what we are up to at www.facebook.com/JudeFlahertyBatiks

Artworks by Jude
Image entitled Bridge;
Ynys Dawela Nature Park
Image entitled It's All About the Trees
It's All About the Trees
Image entitled Just Look Down
Just Look Down
Image entitled Lower Clungwyn
Lower Clungwyn
Image entitled Woodland Walk
Woodland Walk
Image entitled The River Runs Through It
The River Runs Through It
Image entitled Welsh Water
Welsh Water

Photo of Jude Flaherty
Jude is a Batik Guild member
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