Nina O'Connell

Portrait of Nina O'Connell

Nina O’Connell

Batik offers me the opportunity to express my inner landscape spontaneously, usually with only a nebulous idea in mind. I work in a meditative way where a relationship begins between myself and the image which informs me of what step is needed next.

I welcome accidents and experiment continually, therefore each artwork is a surprise.

Batik intrigues me, at times the required work is so gentle and sensitive, at other times I feel the need to quite harshly eradicate much of the image with bleach...once again I am amazed at what remains.

My inner landscape is greatly concerned with our planetary crisis; I am inspired by trips to Peru, Egypt, India and the Western Isles here in the UK.


Artworks by Nina
Image entitled Blue Pearl
Blue Pearl
Image entitled Batik Landscape
Batik Landscape
Image entitled Gale Force
Gale Force
Image entitled Strata
Image entitled Transition
Image entitled The Thread
The Thread
Photo of Nina O'Connell
Nina is a Batik Guild member
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