Susan Metzger

Portrait of Susan Metzger

I have always loved old architecture and art. While living in the Virgin Islands I discovered that the crackling effects of batik helped me to reflect the aging of old stone and stucco walls. In St. Croix the old plantations, walls, warehouses and ruins provided me with lots of inspiration, as did my photos of Honduras where I spent four years in the Peace Corps.

I left St. Croix in 1990 after the destruction of Hurricane Hugo and moved to Colorado. I brought my love of batik with me, but no longer was inspired by my surroundings. For landscape painters, the desert area of western Colorado is a paradise. But it is definitely a challenge to find historic architecture. This means that I get to live in a community of many fine artists, but I find my inspiration in my old photos of the Islands and Honduras and when I travel. I have always loved to travel, so this is no hardship!

My batiks are created on cotton fabric with hot water dyes. I use a mixture of paraffin and beeswax for my resist and use paint brushes and kiskas to apply the wax. The three primary colors, and a dark blue, are the dye baths I use. For complementary color schemes I start with reds and then use bleach before dipping in the blues or yellows. I love the surprise that comes when the image is finally ironed out.

Artworks by Susan
Image entitled Chinese Lanterns
Chinese Lanterns
Image entitled Chinchon Cart
Chinchon Cart
Image entitled Chinchon Laundry
Chinchon Laundry
Image entitled Zacatecas
Image entitled Mont Saint Michel
Mont Saint Michel
Image entitled Venezia

Photo of Susan Metzger
Susan is a Batik Guild member
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