William Ingram

Member since 1 Jan 2000

Events involving William

'The Soul of Batik' Workshop in Bali, Indonesia William Ingram

15 to 21 Sep 2019 9.30am - 4pm

The Soul of Batik Workshop - A workshop led by Nia Fliam and Agus Ismoyo of Brahma Tirta Sari with 5 days of studio time exploring both the processes of natural dyed batik and an understanding of intangible culture that is at the heart of batik. The goals are for the participants to initiate or improve the technical aspects of their batik skills, to enhance their creative process through a personal project, gain insight into Indonesia's traditional natural dye practices.


Threads Of Life studio in Bali, Indonesia

Batik Week Workshop in Bali, Indonesia William Ingram

10 to 16 Nov 2019 9.30am - 4pm

Batik Week Workshop

- A workshop with 5 days of studio time offering an opportunity to deepen an existing batik practice or discover a new fibre art form, through a vibrant creative experience with other practitioners. Drawing on Threads of Life’s detailed field research of Indonesia’s ancient natural dye traditions, this workshop explores the interaction between this pallet of colours and the batik process. For beginners to advanced practitioners alike.


Threads of Life studio, Bali, Indonesia
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