Eleonora Ur

Portrait of Eleonora Ur

I first met batik when I was 10 years old, it was love at first sight.

I tell the - sometimes invisible, but present - radiance of life and the daring flamboyance of multicolored nature in my paintings again and again. The haphazard and slow meditative course of batik painting has captured my heart. My models are Amrita Sher- Gil and Frida Kahlo. Both of them were pioneers in their lives, walking on their paths independently, neglecting the boundaries of schools and expressing their feelings with colors and shapes. The untrodden way I have chosen leads me to use a two-thousand-year-old textile painting technique, which is not taught in any Hungarian art institute so it's rather unknown where I live. I teach this wonderful technique for 14 years now.

I mediate between sky and earth with my paintings, sending a message to everyone: Be open to the world and receptive to the new!

I own the only Batik Gallery in Hungary - in Szentendre in the pedestrian street, where besides paintings you can find furnishings, unique fashion solutions and imprints of my paintings!

Through cultures - I believe that one of the fundamental goals of human existence is development.

Improving ourselves and our environment – I do this by embracing and learning about different cultures. During my study trips abroad, I got to know different cultures of Europe so I could bring them to Hungary through my paintings.

My study trips so far


2020 September, Szentendre (HU)

2019 September, Szentendre (HU)

2018 May, Rome (IT) – Roseto Garden

2018 January, Algiers (ALG)

2017 August, Budapest (HU) – KALAMAKARA “Indonesia through different eyes”

2016 October, Budapest (HU) – Art Market

2015 June, Bergamo (IT) – International Print Festival

2015 March, Dubai (UAE), Art Dubai

2015 February, Houston (USA), Institute of Hispanic Culture

2014 October, Paris (FR), Carrousel du Louvre

2014 July, Pomona (USA), Latino Art Museum

2014 July, Santa Fe (USA), Art Market

2013 June, Herend (HU), Porcelain Museum

2012 May, Tuzsér (HU), Lónyay Castle

2011 Szentendre (HU), Komp

2010 September, Fót (HU)

2009 October, Budapest (HU), Mansfeld Gallery


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ur_eleonora_batik_gallery/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ureleonorabatik/

Artworks by Eleonora
Image entitled Conversation
45 x 63cm
Image entitled South America
South America
105 x 157cm
Image entitled Balinese Dancer
Balinese Dancer
45 x 62cm
Image entitled Eg Xul
Eg Xul
95 x 172cm
Image entitled Together
67 x 93cm
Image entitled Jaguar
93 x 162cm
Image entitled Europa
160 x 124cm
Image entitled Diamond

Photo of Eleonora Ur
Eleonora is a Batik Guild member
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