Christina Szabo

Portrait of Christina Szabo

I have a wonderful family and my paintings, and if that is not enough, what is?

I always loved paintings, but ever since I tried the batik technique I have been captivated. It meditates my soul and leaves a peaceful harmony afterwards. I love the unpredictable outcome when I put layers of hot waxes and paints on each other. I just guide the work but nature finishes it and that is the beauty of it.

I like to use my tjantings and brushes to apply the hot wax. In Bali, I have painted with natural dyes, but elsewhere I like my Javana textile paints because it has many colors. I love colors! Because of my husband’s expat career we have seen many countries and been exposed to different cultures, which you can see through my pictures.

Artworks by Christina
Image entitled Tucans
Image entitled Hometown St. Endre
Hometown St. Endre
Image entitled Anchored Down
Anchored Down
Image entitled Conversation
Image entitled My Running Path
My Running Path
Image entitled Cameleon
Image entitled Wayang Indonesian Puppet
Wayang Indonesian Puppet
Image entitled Indonesian Dancer
Indonesian Dancer
Image entitled Indonesian Coiffure
Indonesian Coiffure

Photo of Christina Szabo
Christina is a Batik Guild member
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