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Here are some links to websites which have been recommended by Guild members and which we feel anyone interested in batik will find useful.

Asia Textile Journey - Thailand

Diane Gaffney's blog about collecting textiles in Asia - from the deserts of Central Asia to the tropics of the eastern islands of Indonesia.

Association of Ukranians in Great Britain

49, Linden gardens, Notting Hill, London W2 4HG Their shop has Kystkas, but check before you go. 020 7229 8392

Batik Guild Video

A film created by Sue Rhodes, for the Guild's 35th Anniversay

Batik Supplies

Batik and printing equipment for every batiker. We sell cantings and copper stamps from Java, fine cotton and rayon, procion dyes, a range of waxes, kits and waxpot. PLUS a great range of wooden printing blocks, sample sets, tips and instructions and batik fabric galore!


A women's batik-making co-operative in Java which is supported by the Batik Guild.

Batiks of the Miao and Hmong people of China

WOTOWOW is a new brand, formed in Paris, with batik goods made by Hmong or Miao artisan from Guizhou, China. 

I am not a batik artist or Hmong, so in order to fully grasp the cultural values that I want to convey through my brand, I spent nine months living with Hmong artisans in Qiandongnan, Guizhou, until I moved to Paris.

The mission of WOTOWOW is to empower cultural heritage and support the Hmong artisans.

Book; "Javanese Batik to the World"

Javanese batik around the world.

British Wax

All kinds of wax. Based in Redhill, UK

Creative Workshop - scan your artwork for Giclee prints.

High resolution photographic scanning of Batiks and works of art and Limited Edition Giclée printing.

East Indies Museum

An online museum exhibiting an eclectic array of traditional artworks from South East Asia.

International Year of Batik

Website for global Batik exhibitions, workshops, artists and more.

Interview with Maria Wronska-Friend

You Tube video

Javanese Cap Batik

Some images of elaborate cap batik captured by photographer Peter Loud in Java in the 1980s.

Michael O'Connell

Michael O’Connell, 1898 – 1976, was a British textile artist who worked in Australia in the 1920s and 30s and in Britain from the 1940s until his death.

Noel Dyrenforth video

At the artist's studio

North Coast Javanese Batik

"The Blog documents our journey as collectors of batik from the north coast of Java. I build commentary around each acquisition hoping to build a greater appreciation for Javanese batik, the artists both past and present and Indonesia generally. There is very little information available about batik workshops that are making outstanding works today- and there are many." - Greg Roberts

Rosi Robinson Reflections video

Rosi describes her technique for reflections with batik


Directed towards an international audience, Selvedge magazine covers

Silk Painters Guild

Silk Painters Guild

Temenos Academy

An educational charity which aims to offer education in philosophy and the arts in the light of the sacred traditions of East and West.

Textile Traders

Diane and Jim Gaffney are specialists in hand made textiles from Asia and particularly batik. Diane runs occasional specialist batik tours to Java. They supply cantings and caps (wax pens and copper stamps), wax, cotton, dyes, samples, and information. They also have lots of real batik textiles for sale and give talks and workshops on Javanese batik.

The Artists Information Company

Unrestricted information, advice and professional exchange for visual artists - brought to you by the Artists Newsletter team.

The Batik Guild Instagram

If you have images to share, email them to

The Batik Route: My Journey of Discovery

Blog by Guild member Marina Elphick, documenting her explorations of batik in Java, as a result of her Temenos award.

The Big Batik Trip

The diary of Diane Gaffney's group trip to Java in November 2013. Thirteen members of the Batik Guild took a once in a lifetime trip to Java to visit and batik alongside experts in central Java. She will be running another batik tour in 2017. Please get in touch if you are interested

The Textile Restoration Studio

If you need your batik cleaned or repaired, then these are your people.

The Textile Society

The Textile Society is a registered charity which aims to unite scholars, designers, teachers, practitioners, artists, collectors and others who share an interest in the study of textile art, design and history.

Threads of Life

Threads of Life is a fair trade business that works with culture and conservation to alleviate poverty in rural Indonesia.


List of Intangible Cultural heritage of Humanity
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