Heather Koumi

Portrait of Heather Koumi

At Art School, colour was my main passion. I wanted to be a painter, to put brushmarks of colour together on canvas, to create images with life and light!

Then came my introduction to batik – what a revelation… Dyes give the most wonderful, intense colours, and the wax almost has a life of its own. Two liquid mediums, working together to create the most lively and vibrant marks and shapes, which I could never have achieved with paint. I was hooked.

That was over forty years ago. I still get excited when a piece of work sings out its colours, as it is revealed when I slowly remove all the wax.

Artworks by Heather
Image entitled Blue Moon
Blue Moon
Image entitled Winter Light
Winter Light
Image entitled Java II, detail (1)
Java II, detail (1)
Image entitled Java III, detail
Java III, detail
Image entitled Clematis I, detail
Clematis I, detail
Image entitled Memories of Java, detail
Memories of Java, detail
Image entitled Rugby Banners
Rugby Banners
Image entitled Upsurge
Image entitled Swimmers
Image entitled Clematis III
Clematis III
Image entitled Untitled
Image entitled Daily Weather
Daily Weather
Image entitled Town Planning
Town Planning
Image entitled Memories of Java
Memories of Java

Photo of Heather Koumi
Heather is a Batik Guild member
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