Sue Rhodes-Simpson

Portrait of Sue Rhodes-Simpson

Attic Batik: Sue Rhodes-Simpson, Northern England Representative of the Batik Guild.

I discovered batik as a night class when I was 19 years old. I continued batiking at night school for a further 5 years, such was my immediate love for the craft. I first became a member of the Batik Guild back in 2004. I found drawing with hot wax to be a versatile and surprising medium. I still enjoy the unexpected results revealed by this often unpredictable media. This aspect brings freedom & challenge to my ‘learned’ orderly nature.

Much of my inspiration comes from the decorative arts, nature, pattern-design & sacred-geometry. I typically work on a small-scale in fine detail, with boldly contrasting colour, shape & often with repetition. I enjoy the order in the Cosmic Universe and I like to echo that in my work. 

In 2024-25 I am seeking to allow more chaos into my work, and to examine the association between these two opposing forces. I wish to explore the relationship within ongoing cycles of polarity, whilst finding my own equilibrium in a seemingly increasing unharmonious & disorderly society. All these aspects are the creative expressions of my psyche; constantly driving my attention and maintaining my interest the most.

Currently, I teach batik from my home-studio Attic Batik in Ripley, Derbyshire, UK. I also teach groups & societies at other venues across the Midlands and the North of England. Fun Fact: I taught batik LIVE on BBC Radio, describing the craft and showing the process to BBC Derby Presenter Rachel New, as she worked alongside me! 

Artworks by Sue
Image entitled Gazania
Image entitled Green Mountain State
Green Mountain State
Image entitled Mandala Journal
Mandala Journal
Image entitled Palm Springs
Palm Springs
Image entitled Sabbath Morning at Sea
Sabbath Morning at Sea
Image entitled Zest For Life
Zest For Life

Photo of Sue Rhodes-Simpson
Sue is a Batik Guild member
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