Kim Gordon

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Artist Bio

I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, US, where I have a graphic design and illustration business. I also have a line of greeting cards and luminaries. And I teach art through a small non-profit, bringing arts experiences to kids with cancer and serious illnesses. I come from a fine art background, primarily oil painting, with lots of drawing and some watercolor and mixed media. I work both plein air and in the studio. I first discovered watercolor batik in 2017 while on an artist residency.

Artist Statement

Art has been at the core of my life since early childhood. Making art is as inherent and important to me as speaking, a meditative process of exploring the natural world and of my role in it.

I am constantly fascinated by the effects of light on form and that quality is one I particularly wish to convey in my work.

I often use plein air painting as a source for later studio work. It allows me to spend quiet time in a place while the light changes in the sky, birds call and fly over, and the wind itself creates sounds in the grasses and leaves and carries the smells of the earth. This immersive experience instills a strong memory of the living landscape. It seeds the creative work that flows from it.



Photo of Kim Gordon
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