Anne Bologna

Portrait of Anne Bologna

I combine my two great interests, birds and batik, working in my studio above an estuary in West Cork, Ireland. I never tire of observing the flow of tides and clouds and the birds with their reflections in water and wet sand. It is a wonderful inspiration to me.

The flexibility of the waxing and dyeing process and the textures of fabric and paper make batik an ideal medium to portray the natural beauty and grace of the birds inhabiting the estuary and marshes by my home.

Artworks by Anne
Image entitled Beach Walk
Beach Walk
Image entitled Snow Robin
Snow Robin
Image entitled Cormorants
Image entitled Tufted Ducks
Tufted Ducks
Image entitled Swallows at Sunset
Swallows at Sunset
Image entitled Ebb Tide Cormorants
Ebb Tide Cormorants
Batik on Japanese Paper
Image entitled Brent Geese Flotilla
Brent Geese Flotilla
Batik Tissue paper Collage
Image entitled Roosting Rooks
Roosting Rooks
Batik on black cotton
Image entitled Oystercatchers Flying In
Oystercatchers Flying In
Batik on Japanese paper
Image entitled Swallows in Evening Light
Swallows in Evening Light
Batik on Japanese paper
Image entitled A Good Day Out
A Good Day Out
Batik tissue paper collage

Photo of Anne Bologna
Anne is a Batik Guild member
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