MarieTherese King

I am based in Malvern, Worcestershire and have been trading since 2007. I have a foundation in graphic design with a Degree from Norths Staffordshire Poly (now Uni) in Multi Disciplinary design. I have passion for British wildlife, in particular, birds, butterflies wild flowers and insects. My main discipline is batik, the ancient Indonesian art-form of layering melted wax and water based dyes on cotton to create delicate and exquisite designs.

I come from a family of horticulturists, gardeners, bird watchers and keen walkers where my back garden ranged from fruit orchards to the Cotswold hills, where I spent a large part of my childhood. I am constantly drawing and observing what is around me and I regularly walk in the AONB Malvern hills. 

Artworks by MarieTherese
Image entitled Crocosmia & Echinacea
Crocosmia & Echinacea
Image entitled Goldfinches on Teasels in Winter Sun
Goldfinches on Teasels in Winter Sun
Image entitled Shell Island Seagulls
Shell Island Seagulls
Image entitled Sparrows on Japonica
Sparrows on Japonica
Image entitled Summer Garden
Summer Garden
Image entitled Snakeshead Fritillaries and Insects
Snakeshead Fritillaries and Insects
Image entitled Fleur de Calendule
Fleur de Calendule
Image entitled Woodland Spring
Woodland Spring
MarieTherese is a Batik Guild member
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