Slide image 1

Dominic Lukandwa - Chameleon (detail)

Slide image 2

Warmth of the Afternoon - Kirsten T Sheffield

Slide image 3

Stormclouds over Kilnsea - Heather Gatt

Slide image 4

Journey to Galaxy - detail   K.C. Huang


Slide image 5

Encroaching Sea, Covehithe - Helen Dougall

Slide image 6

Crofts at Kentra - Anne Dye

Slide image 7

Noel Dyrenforth.

Slide image 8

Reeded Loch - Rosi Robinson

Slide image 9

Winter Trees (detail) - Jenny O'Leary

Slide image 10

Goldfinches on Teasels in Winter Sun (detail) -

Marie-Therese King

Slide image 11

Rosa Rolanda (detail) - Celia Hume 

Slide image 12

Scottish Parliament in Summer   (detail ) -

Diane Mylchreest

Slide image 13

Shuen Li Spirit - Frangipani (detail)

Slide image 14

Convergence (detail)  Andrew Wynne

Slide image 15

Almora Market (detail) - Beth Evans

Slide image 16

Catalina Espina - Soul (detail)

Slide image 17

Monica Sierra - Parajito Siete Colores

Slide image 18

Muffy Clark - Gill

Pink and Green House (detail)

Slide image 19

Kirsten T O Sheffield - The Rug Merchant (detail)

Slide image 20

David Lucht - Rue Call (detail)

Slide image 21

Rita Trefois - Amdo Tryptiek (detail)

Slide image 22

Jonathan Evans - Sunflowers (detail)

Slide image 23

Blakslee Barn  (detail)  Carol Dillingham

Slide image 24

The Promise of Summer (detail) - Gilly Cowan

The Batik Guild was the first guild in the world devoted entirely to batik. Now an expanding group of international members, it was formed in 1986 by a small group of batik artists in London, England. About half the members are based in Great Britain and Ireland but there are enthusiastic members in Europe, USA, Canada , South America, Australia, Russia, Poland, Africa and Asia. Members include professional artists, amateur artists, teachers, students, and those that simply enjoy doing batik. The Guild is a non-profit making organisation financed by members’ subscriptions. It is run by volunteers.

The Guild aims to promote and improve education in the field of batik, and encourages and supports its members as individual artists or craftspeople. Through meetings, exhibitions, lectures, workshops and a colour magazine three times a year, it stimulates a constructive and creative approach to the craft, and provides a forum for communications relating to new techniques.

On this website you will find information about members of the Guild and their art, discover where batik is being exhibited, find which Guild members run workshops near to you or see books they have written. There are also special sections on suppliers and on the history of batik.

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