Andrew Wynne

My first introduction to batik was as part of a Print and Dye Multicultural Textiles course in 1989.

I'm still fascinated by the diverse approaches to this traditional textile art and this very much influences my teaching practice in schools and in my work with adults in community settings.

My own work has progressed from quite conventional depictions to more abstract works, which are more intuitive and spontaneous responses to ideas, often responding to memories, dreams, song lyrics, conversations ....

Technically, I'm still intrigued by the limitless potential of resist and discharge dyed artworks and sometimes these are combined with other mediums, such as monoprint and collage, in order to fully realize an idea.

Artworks by Andrew
Image entitled Convergence
Image entitled Sadhana
Image entitled Undertow
Image entitled Like Mother Like Father
Like Mother Like Father
Andrew is a Batik Guild member
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