Artists: Get your own Gallery

The Batik Guild is one of the world's most respected organisations specialising in batik and textile art, and many of our members are world experts in this artform. Our website is very popular with visitors from across the globe, and is an excellent place to promote your work and to be noticed.

Selection of Artworks

Batik Guild members have the option of creating a dedicated gallery on the site for an initial setup charge followed by a small annual renewal fee.

The current charges are

  Initial startup fee £35.00 GBP

Annual renewal

£20.00 GBP

To set up your gallery, follow these steps.

Your images should be good quality photographs, with a resolution of at least 1,000 pixels in the longest dimension. Ideally they should be in JPEG format, and no larger than 2Mb each, but we can usually handle other common formats. We normally expect to include around 6 to 8 images per artist, but please enquire if you would like more.

Your artist statement can be in a Word document, PDF or plain text formats, and should be around 200-400 words long. Don't forget to provide some contact details which you would like published, and a website address if you have one.

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