Bridget Cordory

I first experienced batik when living in Cambodia; while on holiday in Malaysia I participated in batik workshops, learning the joy of watching the dyes spread across the cloth while the applied wax formed a barrier. The conditions in the workshops certainly would not meet our health and safety regulations and for years I used fixing chemicals which have long been banned in the west!

The oranges and greens of Cambodia and the Buddhist culture inspired me to create wall hangings on silk.

Returning to the UK I attended a few workshops which enhanced my love for batik. I take photographs of wildlife and countryside which are used as references, then working mainly on fine cotton using traditional tjantings and a mixture of waxes.

I have exhibited at The Burton and the Plough Art Centres in North Devon and The Castle in Bude. I now sell my work at Gloucestershire Arts & Crafts Centre where I run workshops.

Due to my love of nature I have joined The Wildlife Art Society International and look forward to exhibiting with them.

I studied Art in the Community with the University of the West of England and have a passion for sharing my art skills with community groups.

I am a member of Arts and Health South West and a registered artist for Arts 4 Dementia

Artworks by Bridget
Image entitled Clovelly Harbour
Clovelly Harbour
Image entitled Just Drifting
Just Drifting
Image entitled Mr Woodpecker
Mr Woodpecker
Image entitled Mussels, Anyone?
Mussels, Anyone?
Image entitled Swimming Puffins
Swimming Puffins
Image entitled Together Again
Together Again
Image entitled Walking in Peace
Walking in Peace

Bridget is a Batik Guild member
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