Anne Hanley

Portrait of Anne Hanley

My Batik paintings are created on ricepaper using watercolor paint and a mixture of paraffin and beeswax.

I graduated in graphic design and hold a BA from Illinois State University and was an art director in Chicago, Illinois for many years before staying home to raise my three daughters.  While home I began painting on cotton using batik then after a time I switched to ricepaper. I enjoy the fluid hot wax and its reaction to the paper.  I alternate layers of hot wax and watercolor paint until complete.  Then I remove all the wax at the end and the results are often amazing. 

So much depth and illusion gives a bit of mystery to the final piece. I enjoy painting large so I use a paper that comes in large rolls so I am not defined by any particular size.  My inspiration comes from my many years drawing the human figure and the relationship to forms found in nature.  I love the Michigan Dunes, the Lakeshore and the miles of forest and trails in the Dunes.   I have an intuitive sense of color and feel the wax lends itself often to large bold strokes.  I never tire of the medium although it is not very forgiving at times the possibilities are endless.  

My subjects are often as the mood strikes me.  I love to take the medium in all directions and see what works.  I know that I will continue to explore all that it has to offer.

Artworks by Anne
Image entitled City Lights
City Lights
Image entitled Heart Beats
Heart Beats
Image entitled Kite Strings
Kite Strings
Image entitled Practising Balance
Practising Balance
Image entitled She Took a Walk With Headphones
She Took a Walk With Headphones

Photo of Anne Hanley
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