Angela Lenman

Portrait of Angela Lenman

My passion for batik began some 20-odd years ago, when I discovered that instead of having to unpin the fabric from the frame and dip it in a bucket of dye, leave it for an hour then hang it up to dry, as I had learned at school, the dyes could be painted onto the fabric on the frame, in a rainbow of colours if you so desired. This was a revelation, and combined with the fascinating application of the hot wax, I was hooked!

My earliest work, on cotton lawn, is strongly figurative, exploring the way that the image slowly emerges from the wax by applying alternate layers of wax and dyes - and whilst the colours are chosen with care to produce the desired effect, it is the wax which forms the image. The wax line, or the lack of it, is what creates the picture. I enjoy using various cantings to make intricate patterns, and contrast these with areas of pure colour.

Although I still work on cotton and other fabrics, in the past few years I have joined the growing number of batikers who are working on paper - from newsprint and Chinese paper to hand-made papers and fine tissue papers. Because of the unique qualities of each of the papers, which can be combined to make a collage, the work can become quite abstract.

My love of history and architecture have been an inspiration, and romantic, semi- derelict buildings feature quite widely in my work.

There are so many different and exciting techniques to try, different effects to achieve, subjects to portray, and feelings to express, I never tire of exploring.

I exhibit regularly with various organisations in Surrey and Hampshire, and runs workshops near Farnham, Surrey, as well as workshops for other art centres and schools (artist in residence). 

Artworks by Angela
Image entitled Polar Pair
Polar Pair
Cotton 20" x 16"
Image entitled Reflections
Paper 20" x 16"
Image entitled Floating
Image entitled St Brides
St Brides
Paper 24" x 20"
Image entitled Arena
Image entitled Moroccan Magic
Moroccan Magic
Image entitled Brighton, the West Pier
Brighton, the West Pier
Image entitled Prague, View from the Bridge
Prague, View from the Bridge
Image entitled Lavender Chateau
Lavender Chateau
Image entitled Trulli at Alberobello
Trulli at Alberobello
Image entitled Puffin
Image entitled Barge at Sunset
Barge at Sunset
Photo of Angela Lenman
Angela is a Batik Guild member
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