Catalina Espina

Portrait of Catalina Espina

Since I was a little girl, I felt the desire  of linking  my life to art. In  my constant search, I met the batik when I studied design.

Batik is a very special and a playful art, so unpredictable!

The effects of the different colours and layers of wax never stop to amaze me. The richness of textures and cracks are always a magical surprise when, after a long, long process, the work is finished.

In Batik , there  are no mistakes, just a world of beautiful possibilities.

Artworks by Catalina
Image entitled Listening to the Earth
Listening to the Earth
Image entitled Take Us Away
Take Us Away
Image entitled Aqualerre
Image entitled Nehalennia
Image entitled The Resue
The Resue
Image entitled The Team
The Team
Image entitled Those Faces
Those Faces

Photo of Catalina Espina
Catalina is a Batik Guild member
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