Susan D'souza

Portrait of Susan D'souza

Artist Statement : Susan D’souza

Enjoying the freedom and spontaneity that batik offers in contrast to her more detailed textile work with applique and embroidery,

Susan’s textiles explore patterns, rhythms and the shifting seasons and colours in nature.  Her batik work is hand painted on cotton; some pieces with natural plant based dyes often including textural details.  The fluidity and movement of the molten wax and liquid dyes suit organic and nature based subjects so beautifully.

Yorkshire based art college exploration of batik, print and weave working with found and natural materials led on to a study of textiles at Degree and much later Masters level.  More recently a return to batik through the wonderful workshops of Rosi Robinson re-introduced Susan to the possibilities of the technique’s layering and painterly qualities.

Currently course leader for The University of the Arts London Degree Course in Textile Design at Northbrook College in West Sussex, Susan has introduced batik and made links with the local Batik Guild to encourage the skills of her students.  A member of Pure Arts Group and Ditchling Museum Natural Dyers, Susan offers workshops and talks for groups or individuals, exhibits and sells her batik textile originals and limited edition giclee prints.  Please contact her for further information.

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Instagram : @susandsouzatextiles

Artworks by Susan
Image entitled Clouds at Dusk
Clouds at Dusk
Image entitled Oaks and Grasses
Oaks and Grasses
Image entitled Red Trees and River Reeds
Red Trees and River Reeds
Image entitled Smokebush Rainbow
Smokebush Rainbow
Image entitled Under the Surface
Under the Surface
Image entitled Downland Shadows
Downland Shadows
Image entitled Batik Birch
Batik Birch
Image entitled Spring Reflections
Spring Reflections

Photo of Susan D'souza
Susan is a Batik Guild member
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