Anne Stemp

Member since 19 Feb 2021

I studied Landscape Architecture at Gloucestershire College of art and design from 1969, where I met my husband. We had a Landscape design Practice in multicultural Leicester and retired four years ago to Rutland. We have a dedicated studio room where I work on batik and Ian is developing his watercolour skills. I gained traditional drawing and painting skills at school and developed further graphic skills through college. I went on a fine art degree course as a mature student where I was able to explore and experiment with art. I have always admired batik and eventually taught myself some of the skills with the aid of the internet and have also worked from chinese paintings trying to achieve the same effects in holding the brushes and mark making. I am drawn to figurative work at the moment, representing different forms and textures. Working on oriental papers helps me to achieve greater control and speeds up the process, these papers also have a transluscenc

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