Batik Workshop - Fun with Paper and Fabric

Photo for Batik Workshop - Fun with Paper and Fabric
Rosi Robinson
Studio Galli, approx 240 mins., 2012

In this double DVD, Rosi Robinson presents a variety of techniques with useful tips on how to create batik art.

On DISC ONE, 'Paper Workshop', Rosi explores a variety of ways to use waxes, tools and dyes to achieve some incredible effects on may types of paper. She presents some great ideas for how to use the papers you have made - from wall art to greeting cards to illuminated lamps.

On DISC TWO- 'Fabric Workshop', Rosi explores the use of traditional and non-traditional batik implements on both silk and cotton - using Indonesian and other waxing tools from around the world as well as things from around the house. She produces a range of results on silk and cotton - from wearable to wall art, exploring the richness of colour and the benefits of wax to surface design.

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