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Rosi is currently Overseas Correspondent, Europe, Americas, Rest of World


I give workshops at the Martindale Centre in Horsted Keynes, near Haywards Heath, Mid Sussex.

Rosi offers workshops in England

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Rosi Robinson

31 Oct to 1 Nov 2020 9.30 - 4.30

Learn the basics of this wonderful traditional resist technique of decorating fabric. Discover the magical quality and variety of effects that batik - wax, dyes, fabric (and paper) - has to offer.

            This one or two-day workshop is suitable for any level of experience. You can work at your own pace and ability under the supervision of the internationally renowned batik artist and instructor, Rosi Robinson.                                                             

            You will be introduced to a variety of traditional and contemporary waxing techniques on cotton fabric and paper using hot liquid wax and fibre-reactive dyes. You will learn how to do batik in a more painterly way - almost like painting in watercolours, on both fabric and paper. By waxing areas at eaimage.jpegch stage, you will learn how to build up a picture or design by applying dye washes starting from the lightest colour leading up to the darkest. You will also learn how to discharge colour on both paper and cotton fabric.

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The Martindale Centre, Station Road, Horsted Keynes, Near Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH17 7ED.

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