Trini Kenny

Portrait of Trini Kenny

Although I trained as a painter I have spent the last two decades exploring the medium of batiks as a means of expression.

My themes vary from still life to landscapes. My recent work, I call my Lockdown Series was inspired by my nighttime walks around my home town of Kilkenny, noticing streets, homes, gardens and small corners of the town from different viewpoints.

I am passionate about batik and the batik process.

I like to combine large areas of flat colour with areas of pattern and texture using dip dyes, paint-on dyes, traditional stamping, detailed tjanting, copper stamps, discharge dyeing, natural cracking, forced cracking and etching.

The possibilities are endless and I’m only scratching the surface.


Artworks by Trini
Image entitled Integritas, Kilkenny
Integritas, Kilkenny
Image entitled Ashfield, Kilkenny
Ashfield, Kilkenny
Image entitled Traharta, West Cork
Traharta, West Cork
Image entitled Keiran Street
Keiran Street
Lockdown Series
Image entitled Friary Street
Friary Street
Lockdown Series
Image entitled Maudlin Street
Maudlin Street
Lockdown Series
Image entitled Rose Inn Street
Rose Inn Street
Lockdown Series
Image entitled The Evans' Home, Kilkenny
The Evans' Home, Kilkenny
Lockdown Series

Photo of Trini Kenny
Trini is a Batik Guild member
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